A Practical Course in Beekeeping
at various Apiaries in East & West Suffolk on
24th May, 7th June and 5th July (all Sundays).

Course now Full

Those who would like to join the reserve list should contact

Jeremy Quinlan directly.


This is a three day hands-on course for beekeepers who hold the Basic Assessment, have four or five years’ beekeeping experience and wish to achieve a higher level of skill and knowledge in the main areas of practical beekeeping. It is intended to limit places to 12. Early application would be wise.

The course will cover:

Note: As Queen rearing requires a course in itself, we don’t have time for more than the briefest mention.

Weather permitting, for at least half the time, participants will be actively working with bees. This course is entirely practical and does not require any writing. It does, however, require some experience and knowledge of beekeeping, a modicum of confidence in handling bees and the will to improve still further. Participants should have an interest in testing their beekeeping methods, learning about alternatives and sharing expertise and knowledge.

If there are more applicants than places, preference will be given to those intending to take the BBKA’s General Husbandry Assessment in 2021.

Tutors: Jeremy Quinlan, Mark Butt, David Burns (Master Beekeepers) and Jane Corcoran.

Cost: £30.00.

Dates: 24th May, 7th June and 5th July (all Sundays).

Any questions email Jeremy Quinlan ( or call 01473 737700.