Hot Tips

October, November, December

  • At the beginning of October heft the hives to check that they are all heavy. If not, continue feeding.
  • With all the required food now in the brood chamber, all should be well for winter.
  • Strap or weigh down the roof against winter wind.
  • Make sure the hive slopes gently forwards so that rain will not run into the entrance.
  • If green woodpeckers are in your area, protect the hives by putting wire netting round all four sides.
  • Monitor the now small entrance regularly for the build up of dead bees. Bees are dying all the time and just a few can block the entrance leaving the others unable to get out for water or toileting.
  • Keep a regular check for woodpecker damage or rain getting in.
  • Be aware that deer or other animals could knock the hive over rubbing against to satisfy an itch.
  • Feeding should not be required yet, but keep an emergency block of fondant available just in case. Most of the colonies that die out do so because of starvation.