Suffolk Beekeepers' Association
Bulk Feed

The price of bulk feed this year is going to be higher than last year as the £ has lost value against the euro and bee feed is sourced from either Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands but will still be considerably cheaper than Thornes' bulk price.

We ask you to complete the order request form so that we can correctly gauge the bulk requirement. A payment request will be sent to you by email mid-July once the £ has steadied and we get confirmed final prices from the supplier.

The order can only be in kg (rule of thumb - an Ambrosia can when over full holds about 14 kg or 10 litres but we suggest you just fill to 13kg). The amount of stores required by a colony is about 18 - 22 kg of honey or feed substitute to get it through the winter. Larger hives headed by prolific queens may require more. When full a BS brood frame contains about 2.2 kg of honey, so assess the existing colony stores and feed the required balance.

The collection of bee feed this year from Deben View, Back Lane, FALKENHAM. IP10 0TL is either Sat 5th or 19th August 2017 between 9.00am to 3.00pm (except for big orders over 200kg please make an arrangement with David Adams to pick up).



kg (bring your own containers)

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cost will depend on movement of £ v euro

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