The I&ES BKA Teaching Apiary 2018 Programme

Teaching Apiary at Wherstead Park IP9 2BJ (directions)

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Date 'Special’ activity in addition to routine tasks in the apiary
Leader Attending
2pm Sun 29th Apr 2018How to light a smoker; fuels to use. Hive tools; colony records + useful bits & pieces.BJeremy Quinlan
2pm Sun 6th May 2018How to open and inspect a colony.BPaul White
2pm Sun 13th May 2018Bailey Comb Change, Shook SwarmRichard Allen
2pm Sun 20th May 2018When to super. Bait hives. Looking for disease - how to shake bees off a comb.BBarrie Powell
2pm Sun 27th May 2018Swarm control. Taking a swarm. BJeremy Quinlan
2pm Sun 3rd Jun 2018Making nucs. A dummy Basic Assessment for those that want oneBPaul White
2pm Sun 10th Jun 2018Extracting honey. Richard Allen
2pm Sun 17th Jun 2018Queen introductionBarrie Powell
2pm Sun 24th Jun 2018Taking a sample for Nosema examination. Chalk Brood.Jeremy Quinlan
2pm Sun 1st Jul 2018Finding & marking queens. Wasps.Paul White
2pm Sun 8th Jul 2018Varroa monitoring.Richard Allen
2pm Sun 15th Jul 2018Uniting.Barrie Powell
2pm Sun 22nd Jul 2018Varroa monitoring and treatmentsJeremy Quinlan
2pm Sun 29th Jul 2018Feeding: calculating how much to feed and how and when to give it.Paul White
2pm Sun 5th Aug 2018Other preparations for winter.Richard Allen
2pm Sun 12th Aug 2018Sterilisation; fumigation of combs; preserving hives; preventing wax moth, mouse and woodpecker damage.Barrie Powell
Sessions considered particularly helpful to those intending taking the BBKA’s Basic Assessment have been marked B.
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